Sarah Chilvers

Ladies Class 5 National Champion 2021

Sarah has been racing ladies class 5 competitively for about 12 years now. Her Mum and Dad have always raced and they are coming up to 40 years in the sport so I’ve been coming with them to watch for 34 years


"That has to be last year winning my first Nationals at Radford, the whole weekend was just mega". She has also won a British autograss series final at Invicta Kent a few years ago and that was one she will remember too.

Sarah only did a couple of races in the juniors when she was 12, also a short spell in class 2 built by her dad and then shared the class 5 with him. Sarah's Mum used to have a class 7 mini that Sarah raced a few times and also had a go in a class 9 once that my good friend Ali Ross could tell you a good story about!

What about other classes?

"My heart is definitely with class 5 but I would love to race class 3 one day, it’s one of my favourites to watch".

Plans for 2022 are to get as much seat time as possible in the new car, race in the British Autograss Series and look forward to Hereford later on in the year to hopefully defend her National title.